Monday, 25 June 2012

How Dim Pro Guards Against Estrogen Extremes

We live in a polluted environment, inhale toxic gases through air pollution, drink water full of heavy metals and eat food ridden with pesticides and hormones. All this takes a toll on our body, leading to different health problems and rapid ageing. Adding to these health hazards and pollution, is the tide of excess estrogens found in our daily diet and food. 

No wonder, estrogen extreme is becoming one of the more common hormone imbalances today among both men and women. This is startling and surprising, especially as we have always read and heard about estrogen decline and its consequences faced by menopause women. Excess estrogen is a new arena of hormonal imbalance and health risk in both men and women.

More and more people today are talking about estrogen blockers and their role to prevent the harm caused due to excessive estrogens in our body. These estrogen blockers are different from anabolic steroids and other supplements for body builders to eliminate the estrogens in a male’s body for muscle density and weight loss.

Dim pro
You will be surprised to know that even a man’s body contains estrogens along with other male reproductive hormones like testerone.  Although it is these estrogens which are one of the reasons for weight gain in many men and women, estrogens play a crucial role in a man’s body. One type of estrogen, known as estradiol, even acts as an age-increasing ‘bio maker’ in males.

However, estrogens are of two types, good estrogens and bad estrogens. While good estrogens are good for both a male and a female’s body, an excess of bad estrogens can cause major health problems in the physiology of both men and women. Breast and cervical cancer among women and prostate cancer among men are mainly caused due to the damaging effects of excess estrogens in the body of both men and women.

So while anti estrogen supplements and other synthetic estrogen blockers eliminate all the estrogens in the body, dim pro being a natural estrogen blocker, works to only guard against the bad estrogen levels from rising while keeping the good estrogens intact. In fact dim pro does not act as an estrogen blocker but a as a powerful estrogen detoxifier to rid the body of the bad estrogens while restoring hormonal equilibrium of the body by preserving the good estrogens.

There is another interesting link find between dim pro and weight loss. Regular intake of this Dim Pro supplement can actually help you lose weight and regain fitness and health. Dim pro estrogen is typically taken in the ratio of 1mg per KG of bodyweight. 

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