Saturday, 6 October 2012

Is Sermorelin the New HGH

sermorelin hgh benefits
It is a natural human desire to look young and beautiful. Not just the women, even men want to look and feel young and attractive even in their middle age or old age. This deep rooted desire of every human psyche to look young and healthy has led to the development of an ever expanding and continually evolving anti aging industry.

Every second day we come to know about some new research, treatment, medicine or supplement that can reverse the signs and symptoms of ageing and return one's fountain of youth. Human growth hormone therapy to created a big furor sometime back in the past with its promise of unlocking the key to aging and unleashing the power to stay young and active for years to come.

Just when the entire anti aging and body building industry were soaked in the goodness and numerous health and beauty benefits of growth hormone therapy, the unwanted and serious side effects of this new and promising growth hormone therapy were discovered by the researchers and the scientists. 

Although, the growth hormone therapy comes out fair on its promise of providing you with eternal youth and charm, it can also cause you harmful side effects like cancer, tumor, unwanted growths, stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Research then shifted from ghg therapy to formulate a new drug on the basis of hgh that although is as effective as hgh but is devoid of hgh side effects. Sermorelin was then discovered by the researchers as an answer to this quest.

sermorelin vs hgh
Sermorelin is a natural peptide molecule that induces the body to produce its own growth hormones. Sermorelin provides all the benefits of hgh therapy such as improved metabolism, decreased bad cholesterol, increased cognition, greater drive, smoother skin, hair re growth, improved bone density, enhanced muscle mass, greater intelligence, and increased energy.

As sermorelin is not an external hormone or an external human growth hormone source but just a natural peptide molecule, sermorelin side effects are none. However, since sermorelin provides all the benefits of natural hgh therapy sans the side effects, it can rightfully be called as or regarded as the new hgh therapy. 

Sermorelin dose depends on individual condition and concern to be treated.

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