Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gerovital H3 Top Anti Aging Treatment for Flawless Youth

The wish to stay young and youthful is as old as human civilization. There are loads of references of various anti aging treatments and tips such as bathing in milk, using honey on skin, consuming special drinks etc. used by the famous beauties of the times such as Cleopatra to prolong the fountain of their youth and beauty. 

However, with the advancement in science and technology, it has now become a multi billionaire sprawling anti aging industry with millions of men and women using the various anti aging products and treatments to look and feel young and healthy. In fact, in this media driven and appearance savvy age of today, looks have become all the more important than they were ever before.

No wonder, you can easily find ‘top 10 anti aging products’ as the one of the most popular searches on the Google search engine by people. While there is no limit to various anti aging supplements, treatments and drugs available, GH3 remains one of the top 10 anti aging products available in the market to extend the vitality of one’s youth and health.

What is gh3?

Now the question comes, what exactly is this gh3 and how it can help someone achieve youthful looks and healthy body. Gh3 stands for gerovital h3 and is a famous anti aging treatment from Romania. The drug made from procaine hydrochloride was discovered a few decades back by Doctor Ana Aslan of Romania. You’ll be surprised to know that this drug was discovered accidently by Dr. Ana Aslan while administering procaine hydrochloride as anesthetic to her patients. 

The patients who were given this anesthetic noted a remarkable improvement in the texture of their skin, color of their hair along with increasing flexibility of joints and muscles and sharper concentration. This made Dr Ana Aslan experiment with the amazing drug in various clinical trials to find out the anti aging benefits of procaine hydrochloride in men and women. Almost all clinical trials and gh3 reviews proved the efficacy of gh3 as a powerful anti aging tool.

While during the early phase of its discovery gerovital h3 aslavital procaine injections were only available to only the rich and famous such as the politicians, Hollywood celebrities, businessmen etc. due to its extremely high cost, today given its affordability and accessibility, gerovital h3 is easily available to anyone looking to prolong his/her youth.

Although gerovital side effects none and is a completely safe medicine, hypersensitive patients may develop a reaction and experience certain side effects. Otherwise the drug is well researched not to cause any toxicity or serious side effects. Dosage depends on the individual condition and therefore varies from patient to patient.

Available in various forma such as gerovital h3 cream, injections, and capsules, you can buy gerovital h3 online as well.

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