Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Is Sermorelin Safe for Body Building

Sermorelin for body building
Human growth hormone therapy has found its most ardent use in not only the anti ageing industry but also among the body builders. Body builders across the world swear by hgh when it comes to muscle growth, strength and weight loss. However, while, hgh has provided miraculous benefits in body building arena, it has now come down with some serious side effects and irreparable damage.

The most fatal and complicated adverse effects of hgh therapy include heart disease, cancer, kidney damage and stroke. Although, this sounds tremendously disheartening and disappointing for not just the body building enthusiasts but also the anti ageing gurus, who previously believed to won the battle of ageing with the discovery of hgh. If you too belong to one of these categories and are disheartened with the serious side effects of hgh, there is good news for you.

Is sermorelin safe for body building?

Sermorelin is the new hgh that can provide you with all the benefits of hgh without the negative effects of hgh theory. Does not this sound exciting? Ofcourse, it is tremendously interesting to get to know about the new holy grail in the anti ageing industry that can actually reverse the signs of ageing and turn back the clock without causing a single harm or side effect. Sermorelin usage for muscle strengthening and weight loss is the safest and most reliable method for body building.

Does sermorelin raise blood sugar?

Formulated and developed from a powerful blend of 29 amino acids, sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland to produce its own growth hormone, thus providing the best way to enhance muscle mass, lose unwanted body weight, tone body, increase bone density, enhance immunity and look and feel more agile both physically and mentally. Sermorelin thus provides all its energy giving benefits without raising the blood sugar levels. Sermorelin in this respect offers a highly beneficial treatment for diabetics.

Hgh sermorelin treatments for seniors

Human growth hormone is basically a hormone that is responsible for the growth and reproduction of cells and organs of our body. This growth hormone is generally secreted in the night time by the pituitary gland of the body. While, the production of hgh is at its peak during our 20s, the production of this vital hormone begins to decline after the age of 30 with a rate of 14% decline in production every decade. 

Sermorelin vs hgh
By age of 40, we are left with only 40% of hgh production that we had in childhood. Hgh sermorelin treatments for seniors thus offers great hopes for prevention, recovery and treatment of various age related conditions and disorders. It would thus not be an exaggeration if we say that one can reclaim one's lost youth with sermorelin.

Now, the question comes, what is the correct dose of sermorelin acetate? While, sermorelin is a safe supplement, dosage varies for sermorelin usage for body building and anti ageing. On an average, sermorelin 200 mcg is considered sufficient for use by both men and women.

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