Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Gerovital H3 to Regain the Lost Glory of Your Youth

The desire to remain young and healthy is as old as civilization itself. From times immemorial, man has been in search of that fountain of youth that can not only  return the lost youth and glory but also  restore good health and disease free strong body. To materialize this desire, man has discovered, developed and invented myriad anti aging products that can restore the lost youth and health of an individual.

Among  the long list of these top anti aging supplements and products available in the market, Gerovital H3 is one such anti aging agent that promises to return the lost youth and glory of an individual. Discovered decades ago by Romanian scientist, Dr. Ana Aslan, gerovital vital has been in use since decades as one of the most effective anti aging supplement that has come out fair on all its claims and promises.

Apart from other anti ageing benefits like smoothening skin wrinkles, firming skin, increasing hair growth, turning grey hair into black etc. gerovital benefits include improving mood, bone density, muscle strength, cognition, metabolism, increasing energy and lowering cholesterol. You will be now surprised to know that this anti ageing drug was first developed and used as an anesthetic for patients suffering from various disorders and surgical treatments.

gerovital-h3 tablets
It was only when the therapeutic, healing and anti aging effects of this anesthetic were noticed in patients being administered with this drug, that gerovital h3 began to be used as one of the most popular and most effective anti aging treatment across the world. Although, gerovital h3 tablets during the initial period of its formulation and use were quite expensive and difficult to obtain, today one can easily buy gerovital h3 tablets, cream and myriad other products at both online and offline stores at a very reasonable price.

As gerovital h3 is made from a highly safe ingredient procaine hydrochloride along with essential and powerful antioxidants, gervital h3 side effects are none. There is hardly any case of allergy reported. In clinical trials, patients showed less depression and anxiety, greater desire to live, improvements in hair, skin and nails, enhanced muscle strength and joint mobility, increased physical and intellectual abilities, and less of the physical signs of ageing, such as senile spots.

The formula thus is absolutely safe to be used by anyone looking to fight depression, increase energy, gain youthful looks, restore lost health or lower cholesterol with gerovital. Gerovital should be taken daily on an empty stomach. One to two tablets a day, two or three hours after meals is the recommended dosage.

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