Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Stop that Ageing Clock and Be Young Again with Sermorelin

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Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon that happens to each and every one of us.  However, there are some people that age faster than others. The main reason behind rapid ageing in some individuals is certain extrinsic factors like environment, stress, pollution, diet lacking in essential nutrients, pesticides, UV exposure etc. Thus, ageing is of two types, intrinsic ageing and extrinsic ageing.

Intrinsic ageing is genetic and inevitable, while extrinsic ageing due to the above mentioned factors can be controlled and prevented by taking certain steps and precautions like eating a well balanced nutritious diet, regular exercise, meditation for stress management, avoiding the sun or using sunscreen, and by taking multivitamin and anti ageing supplements.

While there are so many anti ageing supplements and multi vitamins available in the market, these fail to produce drastic results in terms of looking and feeling young. The only benefit they provide is to make your immune system strong and complete your diet for the essential nutrients that are lacking in it. So if your goal is higher than mere good health and other than good health and strong immune system, you want to look and feel great as well, you need something superior and extra.

In such a scenario, the latest research and buzz about human growth hormone supplement holds the key to reverse the ageing clock and make you young again with strong immunity, great metabolism, improved bone density, younger skin, darker hair, sharp cognition and increased energy. However, while these new age growth hormone supplements promise to provide you with that fountain of youth, there is a downside attached with these human growth hormone supplements.

Human growth hormone is actually a master hormone that controls all the growth functions at the cellular level. As HGH is a hormone related to growth, it needs to controlled and monitored. To avoid the unwanted side effects such as cancerous growths, tumors, etc. associated with unmonitored HGH therapy, we have the development of sermorelin; a small peptide molecule that stimulates the body to naturally produce human growth hormones, rather than just adding from an external source.

Sermorelin thus provides all the benefits of HGH sans the side effects. Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and secrete HGH. Sermorelin binds to the cells that produce and release HGH, and once bound, initiates its action the same way as naturally occurring human hormone. However, it has the benefit of being regulated by the body - increasing the level while avoiding excessive amounts flooding the system.

Thus, if you are looking for anti ageing supplement to return your lost, sermorelin is the best answer to your anti ageing quest.

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