Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Deprenyl To Get Over Depression And Celebrate Life

Depression is a common complaint given our hectic life styles, individualistic thinking, rising competition, weak family and social bonds, junk food diets and other stressful factors. Although both men and women suffer from depressive and anxiety disorders, the incidence of anxiety and panic attacks is more common among women than men. Similarly, the elderly due to various physiological, mental and environmental factors are more likely to suffer from depression than younger adults.

Depression is not just a state of mind but a medical condition arising out of an imbalance or lack of certain essential brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin etc. in the brain. Thus, just like other mental decline disorders and diseases such as dementia, alzhiemer’s disease, parkinson’s disease etc., depression too needs treatment with the use of certain mind power drugs or supplement known as nootropic drugs other than or in combination with regular anti depressants.

As depression is also one of the symptoms of other serious and fatal disorders of the mind like alzheimer’s disease and parkinson’s disease, drugs used to treat parkinson’s disease or alzhiemer’s disease will also treat depression. Deprenyl is one such mind power drug which is widely used for the treatment of anxiety, depression and parkinson’s disease.

In fact deprenyl and hydergine for parkinson’s disease are the most popular treatment drugs for this debilitating and fatal condition of the mind and the body. Deprenyl is actually a selective irreversible MAO-B inhibitor discovered by Jozsef Knoll in Hungary.  Also known as selegiline, deprenyl belongs to a class of drugs called phenethylamines used for the treatment of early-stage Parkinson's disease, depression and senile dementia.

Deprenyl and anxiety

Now you must be wondering, how does deprenyl works to cure depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety occur as a result of low dopamine levels in the brain.  MAO is basically an enzyme responsible for breaking down used neurotransmitters so that they can be excreted. MAO levels tend to rise with age, and as a result, brain levels of monoamine neurotransmitters like dopamine tend to fall with age. Deprenyl being a MAO inhibitor thus works to increase dopamine levels and cure anxiety, stress and depression in many elderly adults.

Liquid deprenyl

Recently, liquid deprenyl has been recognized as one of the most promising and safe drugs for treating Alzheimer's disease. It is found to extend maximum lifespan in animals and also acts as a cognition-enhancer in normal, healthy animals. In addition, deprenyl is found to increase sexual function in male animals and in men. 

As deprenyl works to treat serious mental decline, extend life span, improve sexual function and quality of life and increase energy levels by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain, it automatically treats depression and enables a person to celebrate life with enhanced cognition, brightened mood, and greater energy levels. Deprenyl side effects are rare and mild such as insomnia, headaches and nausea.

Deprenyl dosage depends on individual condition to be treated, thus you must consult your doctor before you begin treatment with this mind power drug.

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  1. Over-hyped pharmaceutical. The tobacco leaf is better for you, and safer than deprenyl. Tobacco inhbiits MAO better than deprenyl (google smokers PET scans), and is less likely to cause the cheese effect than deprenyl. Tobacco also has a suite of other health benefits. Google "nightlight smoking is good for you" for a 30+ page thread on the topic.