Thursday, 23 August 2012

Say Good Bye to Depression and Anxiety with Deprenyl

Depression, stress and anxiety are the most common forms of mental disorders and afflictions affecting modern society at large including and women of different age groups. While, depression is prevalent among men and women of all age groups, it is most prevalent among the elderly, who are already experiencing other signs of mental and physical decline such as difficulty learning new things, loss of memory, lack of  focus, joint stiffness, muscle soreness and overall lack of  energy and drive.

It  is thus not surprising to see the shelves of the local pharmacies, drug stores etc. loaded with various kinds of anti depressants, stimulants and anti anxiety medicines. Although, these anti depressants do work to reduce stress, these are generally associated with harmful side effects like low BP, sleep disturbances, poor blood circulation, heart disease, habit formation etc.

We thus need an anti depressant that despite its stress reducing effects has no adverse effect on body's other parts and processes. Deprenyl, therefore comes out to be the anti depressant medicine, which despite its anxiety lowering effects has no other adverse effects. In fact, apart from its anti depressant effects, deprenyl has tremendous other mind power and energy boosting benefits.

So, other than anti depressant, deprenyl's benefits include increased intelligence, improved memory, better focus, elevated mood, enhanced drive, increased libido and overall increase in energy and life span of an individual. Thus far from being an anti depressant, deprenyl also act as a wonderful anti ageing supplement, mind power supplement and life extending drug.

In various of the clinical trials, deprenyl also termed as selegiline, has been shown to extend the life span of individuals by almost 30% and increase libido in individuals suffering from lack of drive and motivation by as much as 40%. Deprenyl works by simply increasing the dopamine levels in the brain. As these dopamine levels are attached with mood, energy and drive, deprenyl by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain thus improves memory, mood and increases drive and performance.

Moreover, these dopamine levels have been observed to decline with age, resulting in greater chances of depression, stress, anxiety, loss of libido, lack of focus and energy. Deprenyl thus proves to be one of the most effective anti depressant that only treats stress and anxiety but also prevents and control mental decline by boosting memory, increasing intelligence and enhancing drive.

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