Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Is it Possible to Become Young and Healthy with Sermorelin

All of us despite our diversity in gender, class, culture, traditions, and nationalities, etc. have one common desire inside us - the desire to become young and beautiful again. We all have a Cinderella inside us who is wishing for a fairy God mother to mover her magic wand and transform us from old, hapless and fatty individuals into young, dynamic and healthy ones.

While, we know there is no fairy God mother in real life and no magic wand to restore the health and vitality of youth, the good news is that with the much advancements in the field of technology and medical science, we have developed cutting edge anti ageing supplements that promise to combat ageing and decay and return our youth and health.

If you are one of those, who love to keep a tab on the latest developments and advancements in the anti ageing industry and medical science, you must have heard about the recent buzz in the anti ageing industry about human growth hormone therapy as the new age fountain of youth.

Scientists have discovered the key hormone that is responsible for cell regeneration and growth. It is this growth hormone that triggers rapid growth during childhood and adolescent years and also help maintain the health of tissue and organs of the body, throughout our life. Basically a peptide molecule, this growth hormone is released in the pituitary gland of the body. 

Sermorelin vs hgh
However, it has been observed that the production of this key hormone tends to decrease with age, thus resulting in various forms of physical and mental decline such as increased cholesterol, sluggish blood circulation, joint stiffness, lack of concentration, wrinkles, sagging skin, reduced eye sight, depression, lack of energy etc.

HGH supplements in such a scenario thus make up for the loss and replenish what nature has taken away by restoring blood circulation, smooth skin, increased energy, improved memory, better vision, enhanced metabolism etc. However, while these HGH supplements have a host of wonderful anti ageing benefits these are attached with certain dangerous side effects like cancer, tumour, stroke etc. if left unmonitored or uncontrolled.

I know, you must have got disappointed and disillusioned to learn about the negative side of this new age fountain of youth. But there is no need to feel disheartened as you can now avail all the glorious benefits of human growth hormone therapy in a wonderful anti ageing supplement, sermorelin. Sermorelin, unlike the synthetic hgh supplements induces the pituitary gland to produce body's own growth hormone, thus providing all the benefits of growth hormone minus the side effects.

For correct sermorelin dosage, you need to consult your doctor for your individual condition and concern.

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