Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Can Gerovital Really Help Rediscover Youth

If your grey hair, sagging skin, age spots, lack of concentration, frequent forgetfulness, expanding waistline and brittle bones is giving you nightmares about rapid ageing and depleting health, it is time you take control of your life and health and rediscover your lost youth and vitality in a bottle of miracle anti ageing supplement called gerovital h3.

Surprised? You should not be. Gerovital h3 is now an age old formula first developed by a Romanian scientist called Dr. Ana Aslan to restore youth, health and vitality. More than five decades since its inception, gerovital h3 mainly composed of procaine hydrochloride, which breaks into para amino benzoic acid is today one of the best and most effective anti ageing ingredient known to man.

The wonderful formula not only prevents rapid ageing and decline but also reverse ageing along with its youth damaging effects. Gerovital H3 thus not only improves the health and appearance of your hair and skin but also work at the intrinsic level to improve concentration, increase blood circulation, better metabolism to restore memory capacity, ability to focus and learn, and reduce the chances and risks of getting heart disease, kidney disease, obesity and diabetes.

The surprising fact is that gerovital h3 was originally used as anesthetic. It was when the patients who were administered with procaine hydrochloride for anesthesia also discovered some positive side effects like improved concentration, better memory, hair re growth, reduced wrinkles, improved bone density etc., it began to be used an anti ageing supplement.

Gerovital benefits include both intrinsic and extrinsic anti ageing effects such as smooth skin, dark hair, hair re growth, reduced wrinkles, firmer skin, weight loss, increased energy, drive, elevated mood, along with relief from many age related disorders like hypertension, impotence, forgetfulness, poor eye sight, high cholesterol, heart disease etc.

Now you must be wondering, what makes gerovital such a potent anti ageing agent. Gerovital contains procaine hydrochloride as its active ingredient. This ingredient gets broken down into para aminobenzoic acid in the body. Now para amino benzoic although is naturally produced in the body tends to decline with age and thus resulting in many of the age related symptoms.

Gerovital by increasing para amino benzoic acid in the body help reduce stress, increase energy, improve skin tone and erase other ageing effects. Gerovital dosage depends on individual condition to be treated, however, one can feel free to take gerovital in recommended dosage, as there are no side effects or contraindications attached with this supplement.

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