Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Armour Thyroid Natural Solution To All Your Metabolic And Thyroid Problems

Thyroid is a small gland in the shape of a butterfly present in the front of the neck of our body. Though a small gland, this thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolic functions of our body. To perform the metabolic functions this thyroid gland releases a hormone called thyroid hormone. Any change in the amount of this hormone’s production in gland gives rise to serious abnormal conditions. 

The conditions arising out of the abnormal production of thyroid hormone are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. When the gland produces more hormone than is required by the body, it is called hyperthyroidism and when the hormone production is less than normal in the gland, it is called hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Gland
Women have been found to be more likely to be suffering from hypothyroidism than men. The main symptoms of hypothyroidism are sudden increase in weight, fatigue, muscle stiffness and pain, irregular menstruation, depression, hair loss, dry skin etc. The most common treatment for hypothyroidism is the prescription of synthetic hormone drugs called synthroid and generic.

However since both of these above drugs contain only the hormone T4, they fail to offer a sound and potent solution to hypothyroidism problem and have side effects attached to them. In such a scenario, Armour thyroid offers a better option with it being not only a natural medicine but it contains all the thyroid hormones, the thyroid gland produces.

Armour thyroid therefore naturally assists the thyroid gland in the production of all the natural hormones such as T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin in the gland. The medicine is completely natural and is made from the pigs thyroid gland. However in order for the medicine to be effective you have to take it in small doses spread throughout the day so as to follow the exact pattern of our own thyroid gland functioning.

Armour thyroid
Armour thyroid
These doses should then be taken on the same time everyday to increase effectiveness. Since this thyroid medicine is known to interfere with the adrenal functioning and may cause adrenal fatigue, people with adrenal gland complication must be careful while taking this medicine.

Armour thyroid is a completely safe and natural cure for the problem of hypothyroidism among people. This thyroid medicine is best taken sublingually in recommended doses which are divided and taken just before or after meals. You should always consult a doctor before taking this medicine, as Armour thyroid is a medicine to be strictly taken under the supervision of a doctor. 

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