Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Armour Thyroid Offers Natural Relief From Thyroid Problems

Thyroid is a small apple shaped gland located in the neck of our body. Though small in size, thyroid gland controls almost all metabolic functions of the body. It releases different hormones that are vital for the effective metabolic functions of the body. Thyroid problems occur when this pivotal gland either releases too much thyroid hormones or too less thyroid hormones required for the proper metabolism.

Hypothyroidism is a condition when thyroid gland produces insufficient thyroid hormones to execute the metabolic functions in the proper manner. While the exact cause behind the occurrence of hypothyroidism in many individuals especially women over the age of 35 years is yet unknown, it has been found that hypothyroidism is mainly caused as a result of the ageing process.

Armour thyroid
Armour Thyroid
So if you find yourself suffering from thyroid symptoms such as sudden weight gain, hair loss, constant fatigue, brittle nails, dry skin, muscle cramps, constipation, depression and other general weakness of the body, there is no need to worry as there are various treatment options including natural thyroid supplements available today to treat hypothyroidism.

In the battle against age related thyroid decline, thyroid armour comes to the rescue with Thyroid supplements. An armour supplement, which is a natural thyroid supplement, provides a powerful anti aging thyroid boost. However, hypothyroidism can also be caused due to other factors like immune system defects, congenital defects, side effect of certain drugs and treatment such as radiation therapy in cancer and certain thyroid medicines taken for hyperthyroidism.

In all of these cases, thyroid supplements can be taken to seek relief from the symptoms of hypothyroidism and lead a normal life.  These thyroid supplements are available in two forms: synthetic thyroid supplements and natural thyroid supplements. While synthetic thyroid supplements contain only one of the key thyroid hormones – known as T3 or T4, thyroid armour which is a natural thyroid supplement contains both thyroid hormones T3 and T4 as naturally present in the body.

Armour thyroid thus offers a more wholistic and effective approach to treating the problem of hypothyroidism in a natural and safe way. Thyroid armour is basically made from the dessicated pig’s thyroid hormone and thus contains all the thyroid hormones required for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland in its natural way.

Moreover, as thyroid armour offers a natural solution to the problem of hypothyroidism it is much safer and contains less side effects as compared to other thyroid supplements to treat hypothyroidism. While armour is devoid of any major side effects, one must be careful while taking a hormone supplement.

So it is always advisable to consult a doctor for proper armour thyroid dosage for your particular condition to avoid any negative effects or side effects associated with this medicine.

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