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Treatment of Underactive Thyroid from Natural Armour Thyroid Dosage

A reduction in thyroid affects each cell in our body and produces a broad range of age-related problems. The thyroid gland is situated beneath the Adams apple in the throat. It produces a hormone known as thyroxine into the bloodstream. This hormone is able to control the body’s metabolism (the rate at which food converts into energy) at the correct pace and also control the body’s consumption of fat. A natural armour thyroid dosage contains all the thyroid hormones which mean the body does not have to struggle for this conversion and this is a reason why thyroid Armour and natural thyroid supplements are regarded by many as being superior.

Natural vs synthetic treatment

Armour for thyroid is a well renowned tried and tested way of establishing the problems linked to a fall in thyroid function. You will nevertheless face a range of natural or synthetic supplements.

There is no doubt that it is almost better for you to take a natural thyroid extract like Armour natural thyroid or Nature. This is due to the fact natural supplements hold a greater range of thyroid hormones that include T3 and T4 and also T1 and T2. On the other hand synthetic hormones only consist of one thyroid hormone.

Armour Thyroid
Armour Thyroid Tablets
As we have seen TSH has an inverse relationship to thyroid hormone amounts. Measuring TSH amounts can establish whether thyroid hormone supplements are needed. Given the changes that exist in thyroid function occur with age, it is a good idea to watch the TSH levels occasionally as the aim would be to keep thyroid hormones at healthy young levels.

Those that suffer from subclinical hypothyroidism can take a small regular dose of whole natural thyroid supplements which can invoke a number of positive effects on the body. Even if there is no obvious endocrine disease and you are above the age of 40 such a dose can increase your level of energy which lets you think more clearly.  A small regular dose can also help improve cardiovascular-protective function when consumed over a few years.

Armour and thyroid work well together to manage problems linked with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroid patients show a greater improvement in mood and functioning  of the brain when  being treated with Armour thyroid rather than synthetic supplement. 

Armour thyroid dosage

The dose amounts of natural whole thyroid supplements vary on your age and the condition of your thyroid. Thyroid doses are calculated in grains with one grain being equal to 60 mg.

A grain or more usually needs to be temperature watched and an occasional blood test as the doses at this level are powerful.

Usually those with serious thyroid conditions are prescribed a dose of one grain or more, maybe up to 3-5 grains on a daily with doses being raised slowly under the doctor’s supervision.

A dose of a quarter to half a grain of whole natural thyroid supplementation (with a possibility of increasing to 1 grain after a few weeks if required) is normally used when a person is looking to support failing thyroid function because of age. Observation and frequent breaks maybe needed.

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