Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gerovital H3 To Restore Youthful Looks And Health

Have you ever wondered waking up to a new you who is 20 years younger both in terms of health and looks? If you feel that achieving your lost youthful health and charm is almost impractical without the intervention of some invasive and expensive procedure, there is a pleasant surprise for you. Gerovital H3 is a breakthrough anti aging therapy which can return the lost charm of your youth with safety and efficacy.

While you can look much younger and charming with the help of surgery and other expensive and invasive procedures, but these merely change your outward appearance while not benefiting anything in terms of your internal health, energy and vitality. True anti ageing is achieving youthfulness in all terms of health, vitality, mind and looks. Gerovital H3 tablets can help you achieve that overall youthfulness, thus recreating a new, youthful version of yourself.

Gerovital H3 Tablets
Gerovital H3 Tablets
Discovered by Professor Ana Aslan some 50 years ago, Gerovital H3 is rightfully termed as the fountain of youth. The medicine was first used as a painkiller and an anesthetic in surgical procedures. However, when its youth giving properties were felt and experienced by many patients using the chemical as painkiller or anesthetic, this wonderful chemical was then studied deeply for its anti aging benefits.

Today, the chemical procaine hydrochloride has firmly established itself as Gerovital H3, a popular anti aging treatment and anti depression supplement for many people looking to improve their health and appearance in terms of more energy, charm and vitality. Gerovital h3 benefits includefavourable effects on glands, hair, intestines, protein metabolism, blood cell formation and various functions of the skin. 

In addition to joint stiffness, Gerovital’s active ingredients can help with a number of age-related problems, such as poor memory, impotence, arthritis, poor eyesight, high cholesterol and heart disease. Apart from this, gerovital cream is also available for women looking for a miracle anti aging cream to not only erase wrinkles and other blemishes but give them a flawless complexion with a youthful glow.

In many of the clinical trials, gh3 has been shown to be effective in reducing depression, anxiety, increasing the desire to live, along with improvement in skin, hair, nails, muscle strength, joint mobility and intellectual ability of individuals. It is thus recommended for people over the age of 40 as an anti-ageing medication and also as an anti depressant medication and as a preventative and curative treatment for chronic degenerative diseases.

Gerovital H3 side effects are none and therefore it is suitable for anyone wanting to lower cholesterol, improve concentration, reduce joint stiffness and generally reverse any number of age-related symptoms.

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