Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gerovital H3 To Unlease The Fountain Of Youth

Gerovital H3 is the one of best proven anti ageing treatment available today. Discovered and formulated by Dr. Ana Aslan, gerovital H3 is in fact the oldest breakthrough anti ageing treatment in the realm of all anti ageing research, therapies, treatment and drugs.

While this magical formula was only available to the very rich and famous people such as film stars, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen etc. due to its exorbitantly high cost, today gerovital H3 is easily available to anyone seeking to regain his/her lost youth and energy by taking anti ageing supplements at a very affordable price.

This rejuvenating anti ageing supplement and anti depressant medication is known to lower cholesterol, improve concentration along with providing various other anti ageing and therapeutic benefits such as improving metabolism, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, increasing bone density, stamina and muscle strength, improving memory and cognition etc.

Gerovital H3 tablets
Gerovital H3 Tablets
While gerovital today is widely available as a popular anti ageing medicine and anti depressant drug that can lower cholesterol and improve concentration, gerovital was first formulated and prescribed as an anesthetic drug and a pain killer to patients. It was then Dr. Ana Aslan discovered its surprising rejuvenating properties and effects upon patients taking this drug as a pain killer or an anesthetics.

These patients reported to have a number of astonishing effects such as improvements in joint stiffness, hair re-growth, better concentration and smoothening of the skin. Gerovital’s exact method of action is still not known, but it has been found that the main active ingredient in gerovital’s formulation is procaine hydrochloride which provides the body with the much needed two vital nutrients that decline with age.

When procaine hydrochloride enters the body, it breaks down in the bloodstream to form two bio-nutrients: para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) and diethylaminoethanol (DEAE). These nutrients – which appear naturally in the body but diminish with age – are crucial to our stress reaction system and memory functions. DEAE also has a positive effect on mood and can produce mild euphoria.

Gerovital also inhibits MAO, a brain enzyme that increases with age and destroys neurotransmitters. MAO causes many neurological problems, including depression and migraines. Gerovital thus act as a wonderful anti ageing supplement and anti depressant medicine to unlease the fountain of youth thereby instilling one with extra energy and vigor to deal with the daily stresses of life with optimal health and vitality.

Gerivital H3 tablets has no side effects and can therefore be easily taken by anyone looking to have younger looking skin, mind and body along with energetic mind and alleviated mood. Gerovital H3 dosage is one to two tablets a day daily after meals on an empty stomach.

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