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Naltrexone For Migraine Treatmemt

Naltrexone for migraine treatment
Migraine symptoms
Naltrexone is an opiod blocker most frequently used to treat addiction disorders in alcoholics and other drug addicts. Basically used for drug and alcohol withdrawal, naltrexone as an opiate antagonist, blocks opioid receptors in the brain and thus eliminates the feeling of pleasure caused by drinking alcohol and hence enables a person to quit his drinking habit. While naltrexone has remained popular as a de addiction drug, it was only in 1980s that its other great benefits were also discovered.

It was scientist Bernard Bihari, who first noticed the benefits of taking low dose naltrexone at bed time in treating various auto immune and other conditions of the body such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, crohn’s disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS and alzhiemer’s disease. In various clinical trials involving MS and crohn’s disease symptoms, patients with these diseases showed marked improvement within 4 weeks of treatment with low dose naltrexone.

It is true that being an opiod blocker, naltrexone blocks the opiod receptors in the brain. As these endogenous opioid are important for our well-being, blocking these receptors may cause some unpleasant side effects. However, there are ways to take naltrexone off your receptors and the best way to do it is to take as little as 3 mg of the normal 50 mg dose at bed time to avail the benefits sans the side effects of this medicine.

low dose naltrexone
The benefit of taking small doses of naltrexone at bed time is that in such a way the drug only partially blocks the opioid receptors, while stimulating the production of body’s own natural endorphins. It is therefore proved to be extremely beneficial in treating osteo arthritis, insomnia, MS, crohn’s disease, HIV and cancer

So while low dose naltrexone is now used to treat the above mentioned disorders and conditions, another benefit of treating migraine has been recently found. As per naltrexone information for the treatment of auto immune disorders, low dose naltrexone treats cancer and other diseases as these diseases tend to have low beta endorphin levels and naltrexone helps by alleviating the levels of these brain chemicals in the blood.

Since migraine sufferers also have been found to have significantly low levels of beta endorphins in their blood, low dose naltrexone for migraine treatment prove to be beneficial for the sufferers of this painful condition. Moreover, low doses of Naltrexone have been shown to completely eliminate migraines in some cases. In addition to being very inexpensive drug, naltrexone side effects are none and is completely safe to use.

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