Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gerovital H3 To Turn Back The Clock For Youthful Looks And Energy

Gerovital H3 was developed as an anti-ageing treatment in the 1950s by Romanian scientists. The medicine since then was mostly used by the very rich, film stars, head of state and presidents of rich, powerful countries such as John F. Kennedy, Marlene Dietrich, Kirk Douglas and other Hollywood celebrities owing to the expensive nature of this treatment which was beyond the reach of the common man.

However Gerovital H3 today with its much lower price can be easily afforded by the common man. With its cost effective nature, Gerovital today can be used by anyone who has a desire of looking young and beautiful even at an older age.

Gerovital is regarded as one of the best anti-ageing treatments discovered by man to combat the signs and symptoms of ageing.  Gerovital is made up of mainly procaine hydrochloride which has a proven regenerative effect upon the human mind and brain with outstanding and dramatic results such as smoothening of the texture of the skin, darkening of the lost pigment of the hair, hair re-growth, increase in bone density and muscle mass, improved concentration, lowered cholesterol, improved metabolism, elevation of mood and an overall sense of health and well being.

Gerovital Tablets
Gerovital Tablets
Gerovital mainly works by paralyzing or numbing the cells of the brain and body and to counterattack this paralyzing effect body releases an enzyme called cholinesterase, which then in a chemical reaction hydrolyses the procaine in a time span of about 60 minutes. To avoid this outcome the compound was then stabilized to gain on the regenerative effects of procaine. 

Gerovital with its wonderful youth extending effects can thus be used an effective treatment for various age related and degenerative conditions and ailments such as arthritis, dementia, parkinson’s disease depression etc.

As gerovital has been prove to increase mental energy, improve concentration, increase drive and motivation and uplift mood, it can be used an anti depressant for the effective treatment of age related blues and clinical depression found in many older people.

Moreover Gerovital with its ability to lower cholesterol by improving body’s metabolic functions can greatly benefit those who are not only trying to lose weight in order to look young and active but can also benefit people with heart problems, diabetes, and hypertension. 

Gerovital thus is a wonder drug discovered by the scientists to beat the ugly and weakening signs of ageing to promote health, longevity, fitness and beauty. However the medicine must be taken in recommended dosage to avoid complications and unwanted side effects. 

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