Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hydergine To Boost Your Mind And Increase Intelligence

Hydergine is an amazing smart drug for all those who are looking to increase their mental ability and improve memory by popping a daily pill. These drugs which are designed to increase memory, boost cognition, enhance focus and increase overall energy are popularly called as nootropic drugs in medical terms. The best part about these nootropic drugs is that these drugs are made from natural ingredients and are therefore devoid of any toxicity or adverse effects.

Hydergine as a smart drug is derived from Rye, a natural ingredient which is known to help in blood circulation and maintaining the level of oxygen in our brain cells. Hydergine thus increases blood to the brain which in turn increases and balances oxygen levels in the brain, thereby increasing mental ability, improving memory, slowing down mental decline and increasing the overall energy of the body and mind.

Hydergine Dosage
Hydergine 4.5 mg
For the healthy functioning of the both mind and body, it is important to maintain the balance of oxygen in our brains. When this level gets disrupted with either too much oxygen or too less oxygen, it can result in the generation of harmful free radicals which can lead to cell deterioration and ageing. In a process called peroxidation, oxygen reacts to the unsaturated fats and generates these harmful free radicals. As our brain cells contain more unsaturated fats than any other part of the body, it is here that we are most at risk.

It is in such a scenario, hydergine comes to our rescue. As hydergine increases the blood to the brain, it maintains that right level of oxygen in the brain and thus slows down any damage caused due to the process of peroxidation. Apart from this, hydergine is also known to stimulate the growth of dendrite nerve fibres, which are linked to intelligence and memory. As these fibres tend to decrease with time, elderly people find it difficult to learn new things, recall old facts and memorize or retain new information. 

In a clinical study involving elderly patients with mental decline revealed that Hydergine rejuvenated the dendrite fibres to the levels more common in younger brains. This can be equated to showing us that a Hydergine dosage has the capacity to increase intelligence. Moreover, as hydergine is a nootropic drug , it has none to very few side effects. Hydergine’s side effects include headaches, nausea, insomnia etc. 

To avoid these side effects, it is advised to start with a low dose and gradually increase it once body becomes habitual to the effects of the medicine. Recommended hydergine dosage is 2.25mg to 9mg daily to boost mental ability and increase memory.

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