Tuesday, 15 May 2012

(Selegiline) Deprenyl To Treat Depression And Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Deprenyl also known as selegiline is a mind boosting drug falling in the category of drugs called nootropics or smart drugs. As an effective smart pill, selegiline works to improve brain function, increase concentration, enhance mood and sharpen memory. Deprenyl was first designed and prescribed for the treatment of parkinson’s disease symptoms.

However, as deprenyl is known to stimulate the mind by increasing dopamine levels in the brain, it also brightens the mood and increases energy in the process and is thus widely used as an anti depressant medicine for the treatment of depression. Selegiline for depression is today one of the most popular anti depressants due to its safety and efficacy.

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Apart from this, selegiline deprenyl is also used as an anti aging supplement to enhance cognition, sharpen focus, increase memory and prevent the occurrence of many age related mental conditions such as senile dementia, alzhiemer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, lack of libido and depression.

If you are wondering, how does deprenyl has all these above mentioned health benefits on the mental health and condition of an individual, it is important for you to understand that deprenyl provides all these benefits to the mind simply by increasing the dopamine (a chemical found in the brain) levels in the brain. 

Dopamine is produced in the brain through the enzymes present in the food that we eat and broken down in the brain by a chemical called MAO-B. When the production of dopamine by amino acids is less and their destruction by MAO –B is done at a faster rate, the levels of dopamine decease resulting in brain damage.

Thus for the proper functioning of the brain and the human body, it is imperative that sufficient supply of dopamine is available to the brain cells. Generally it has been observed that after the age of 45, human body tends to break down dopamine at a rapid rate, thereby resulting in its loss of 13% per decade.

While 13% is a random figure, the damage to the brain can be greater or lesser than 13% depending on individual to individual. In cases where the damage become more pronounced, the person can fall in the risk of getting serious mental illness such as alzhiemer’s disease or start showing early parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Supplementing your diet with deprenyl or selegiline to prevent age related mental decline and depression thus becomes extremely important as you age. As deprenyl side effects are very few to none, anyone can take deprenyl to prevent depression and enhance cognition.

Deprenyl dosage depends on individual condition. In cases of serious mental decline and depression, the dosage certainly is higher as compared to deprenyl dosage to treat minor depression and boost mental function. So you must consult a doctor for recommended dosage as per your particular condition.

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